Jet Plasma

What Is Jet Plasma?

The Jet Plasma pen is a cutting-edge handheld device that differs from traditional fibroblast plasma by operating at a cooler atmospheric temperature, avoiding surface trauma. With a remarkable power of 14.88 kV, it penetrates through the skin layers, stimulating collagen and remodeling cellular structure. The combination of J plasma with oxide oxygen produces ozone plasma, effectively combating bacteria on the skin’s surface and providing anti-inflammatory benefits for conditions like keratosis, eczema, and rosacea.

This versatile device serves multiple purposes, including skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, hyperpigmentation treatment, acne and scar management, and even aids in product absorption without the need for needles. Unlike traditional fibroblast methods causing surface trauma, Jet Plasma employs helium gas and cooler temperatures to shrink and tighten the skin. Utilizing cold atmospheric plasma, the Jet Plasma device has been designed for non-surgical facial and body treatments, addressing various skin concerns such as acne, inflammation, lightening, scarring, stretch marks, and more.

What Can Jet Plasma treat?

  • Acne
  • Hyper-pigmentation
  • Ageing and damaged skin
  • Laxity
  • Collagen remodelling
  • Diminishing Wrinkles
  • Hair regrowth/restoration

Due to the channels in the skin being open, combining LED therapy after Jet Plasma is extremely beneficial.

Jet Plasma Technology

Our Jet Profosma Pen contains 3 different plasma gases:

  2. J Plasma (aka Jet, helium converted to plasma gas. This conversion is done via the tip of the Jet which is like a micro-computer. No need for a large helium tank.
  3. Ozone plasma (Oxide oxygen mixed with J Plasma creates ozone plasma.
  4. Our Jet Device also has low level microcurrent.

By combining 3 plasma technologies, plasma ionization creates a dense form of plasma making it more effective vs other cold plasma devices that are just short bursts of cold plasma alone and do NOT provide long term benefits or results comparable to Jet Plasma.

Jet Plasma is able to prevent cell necrosis (cell death). Autolysis is the destruction of cells by their own enzymes, especially those released by lysosomes. By using Jet Plasma technology, we are able to prevent cell death from occurring which can therefore reverse and prevent ageing of the skin to certain degree.

Due to the release of so much plasma energy, the cell membranes become excited and porous and allows active ingredients to be absorbed deep into the skin.

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